Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paintings from Camber and Rye, Easter Sunday

It has been a good while since I have been able to go out for a whole days painting, so with many jobs done at home and others shelved for the time being I went to Camber Sands and Rye for the day on Easter Sunday...What a fool eh! I got one of the last parking spaces in Camber, and £11.00 later was allowed to stay, all by 10.00am. With gear in hand, shorts ( big mistake) and a hat, a better idea, I set off. When I reached the sand it was almost standing room only. Thousands in fact, half of the UK had decided to come to Camber on Easter Sunday, though it was hot and so who could blame them. Anyway I set up and carried on with many strange and quizzical glances at my activity of painting, when indeed they had ice creams, beef burgers, windbreaks and assorted children and blow up beach toys with them. I suppose it must have seemed a little strange to the majority to see an artist at work.

Easter Sunday on Camber Sands
Oil on panel 4" x 12"
Plein Air
This picture does not begin to show the great numbers of people there, I did not have all day to paint them!
Easter Sunday on Camber Sand II

Oil on panel 9" x 12"
Plein Air
A little further out on the sand away from some of the hordes, looking towards Dungeness

The Crowds on Camber Sands
Oil on Panel 9" x 12"
Plein Air
Here I tried to express the vast numbers of day trippers that formed less than half of those there that day. Also a mild sea mist had descended cooling the colour values a little.

Incoming Tide at Camber
 Oil on panel 6" x 8"
Plein Air
Here I used my Palm box at the edge of the incoming tide, with soggy shoes I chose to study the waves as the oncoming tide pushed me back. 20 mins study. People did ask questions by now about my sanity.

Late Afternoon, Rye at Easter
Oil on panel 9" x 12"
Plein Air

I was by this time tired of the crowds, the heat and after suffering burns to my arms hands and ankles, I decided to leave the beach. I headed toward Rye for my last painting and this was the result.

I hope you enjoy this panel of work, they will be listed for sale on my other site 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deal Fishing Boats Plein Air

Fishing Boats on Deal Beach

Plein air study oil on panel 4" x 12"

I decided to go to Deal and paint some of the fishing fleet there. I know the town well having lived and worked there for many years back in the late 70s and 80s. Really showing my age now...
I have often wanted to go back and record the vessels as they sit on the fine shingle beach. Monday the 18th was the day and sadly I left myself a little short on time, but the day was warm and so I hauled my son Barnaby to go for the ride, he took a sketch book and joined in. I had forgotten the aspect of the coastline at Deal being due East, and we paid dearly for that lapse. The slight but constant breeze was very cold and my hands began to stop functioning after an hour, the failing sunlight did little to help, by this time Barnaby had succumbed and was by now sitting in the car. I could not blame him though he managed two small pencil sketches.
I had to finish and the result is posted above. I will go back to do more work here as the scene on other occasions will be worth the trek, though a westerly wind will be better.
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Best wishes

Old Tannery, Littlebourne.

Old Tannery -Littlebourne
Oil on Canvas Panel plein air 10" x 12"

This is a beautiful old Tannery that later had the additions of the old Kentish Oasts added to it. The building nestles along the banks of the river Stour in Littlebourne near Canterbury.

I found myself in Littlebourne submitting my work as a potential candidate for membership to the East Kent Art Society this last Saturday. So in the hour or so while my panel of work was being assessed I did not idle my time away but instead  found this scene to paint. 
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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Spaniel Painting

Looking to Retrieve 

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"
This is my latest dog painting of a Springer Spaniel. It is a sequel to my painting 'Last Retrieve of the Day'. It has been painted in one set of primaries only, a severely limited palette. Not only am I really enjoying painting this way it is making me work extremely hard to mix what I need and to look hard at the values within passages within the painting. The end result is a harmony quite unlike that of using many pigments.
This new painting will be in print in time for the C.L.A. Game Fair at Blenheim Palace in July 2011. 
The original, unless previously sold will feature as one of my main exhibits on my publishers stand.
I will also be painting on the Sally Mitchell Fine Art stand during this event.