Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

Catherine and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of my work, reminding you all of my website at 

Best wishes for 2011
Paul and Catherine

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to everyone

Here is wishing everyone a truly fantastic Christmas and a memorable and hugely successful year to come. May all our greatest hopes and expectations come to pass in 2011.
Many thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and supported my artistic efforts.

Best wishes

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bird Forum report

Sorry it is not art, I was reporting a Waxwing I photographed at Folkestone today, rung in the Orkney Islands a few weeks back, took heaps of shots and they are such a great visitor to our shores, saw 350 to 400 ++ today all feeding on White Beam Berries...

I will be posting something to do with my painting very soon.. Promise ity is long overdue. You can always email me and subscribe to my newsletter. The Xmas one is just about ready to go out.

so email me at and subscribe today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 3 of Provence plein air trip

St Maxime across the bay to St Tropez

Day three of my painting trip to the Cote d Azur saw me travelling to St Maxime where the day was overshadowed by drizzle and flat lighting. We began at one end of the beach to view the famous St Tropez across the bay. All the wonderful luxury yachts anchored off the harbour were a delight to see.
This painting I stood for 1.5 hours in the rain to complete, so glad I paint mostly in oils. We never ventured further round to visit that renowned place instead heading back toward St Rafael for my second painting of the day

                                                           Small harbour at St Maxime

 I had spotted two places on our way to St Maxime and so desparately wanted to return to them and paint. Now I have no names of locations for these next two paintings other than they are to be found near to St Maxime heading for St Rafael. The first of the two was a small harbour area cut into the rocks almost lost with Cannes in the back ground. It was a stunning vista and tremendous place to do a study. Another 8" x 10" oil and number two of the day, taking around 1.5 hours to complete.

                                                           House on the point St Maxime

The last painting shows signs and glimpses of light peeping through as the day was ending, the distant mountains behind what I think was Cannes shone as the sun descended for the day, the landscape glowing at last from a day deprived of sunshine. So to my two friends great delight, I think, though not so convinced, I declared that I really wanted to do this scene. Michael and his Uncle Jacque put on a smile and indulged me. They were great and Jacque was an experience all to himself, as well as being my minder and interpreter he was a great chap to be around, even if we could not fully understand each other. We at least got the basics sorted out, which obviously included Vin Rouge. This scene we found ourselves perched high in a car park, it took me nearly 2 hours to complete. I so enjoyed all that the image had to offer, in terms of composition, and facets, the light from the clear Mediterranean was exquisite. It was a great days painting. We left late, but although I was tired I felt fulfilled by my work on this day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day two in France

La Grand Rue, Callian . Oil on panel 12" x 8"

For my second outing in this wonderful place called Provence I was once more back in Callian, a hill top town steeped in history. I asked to go back to it because  I had noticed this fantastic old street at its heart and dearly wanted to have a go at painting it. Well two and a half hours later it was kind of done, chasing light was my enemy as always. I was pleased with the result, but boy was I ready for a glass of wine at lunchtime, and some bread and cheese of course. Standing for all that time and putting so much energy into a passage is very exacting and deserving of a break.
The Muse's House, Callian 8" x 6" oil on panel

After lunch was over I stayed at the cafe and noticed this beautiful display of flowers overhanging a balcony next to me. Well I had heard that an extremely old lady who in her day had been a muse for a well known artist locally lived in the house and was a complete recluse. I had to paint it, indeed the elderly resident was watching me, as several times the curtain would move and part slightly allowing her a glimpse of my activities from her darkened room. I hope that she would have approved of my efforts.
I will add more tomorrow.  I will show you day 3 in the Cote D Azur at St Rafael beach.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cote d Azur and En plein air

I have just come back from a trip to the South of France where I had been invited by a friend to come along to see Provence and paint a little.
I had always heard that the light was so special in the region, and I have to say for once all such statements were indeed fact. It took me a day or so to get my eyes set just right. What a beautiful place to paint in 30+ degrees, outstanding.
I really was going to confine my works to the coast, marinas and boats, but I found the small narrow streets of ancient French villages an absolute draw as well. The polished cobbles and narrow walls of three and four story hilltop village houses were very impressive with old paint peeling shutters and not a plumb wall in sight. Some of the streets I stood in with outstretched arms, I was able to touch the buildings upon either side. It was crazy, but true, and life has gone on in these places for hundreds of years. They are beautiful places and so steeped in history too.
I did not leave out the coastal areas, indeed they also featured prominently during my 11 days of painting, from St Maxime to Cannes.  I painted scenes looking toward St Tropez though never actually reached that huge city, and sadly never made it to Antibe where Monet painted so many scenes of the many bays there. Another trip will have to be arranged next season for sure.

 This was the first painting that I managed to complete on the afternoon of my arrival. I hope the residents of Callian felt that I managed to do the rear steps of their church justice as I sat under a parasol sipping red wine and eating bread and cheese.The panel is a 12" x 8" oil and took around 1.5 hours to complete. The light was fantastic I am really pleased with the way this one came out.

This next one was a 4" x 12" oil on panel of the beach at St Rafael I just liked the mountain in the background for this painting.  It took around the 1 hour or so to finish, after which I hit the med for a quick swim.

I will add more of the new paintings over the next few days.

I am now back in the studio and full of exciting ideas for new works. Watch this space.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plein air adventure

This is a 6" x 8" palm box study taking 35mins the other day at Winchelsea beach in force 6-8 head-on winds as I tried to paint. I have to say it was not easy. Whilst not daring to compare myself to Turner, I could only imagine his dilemma at being lashed to the mast of a boat whilst sketching a massive storm at sea, yet felt in a little way that I understood the feeling.

Many times the lid of the palm box slammed shut on my fingers and brush, it was not at all easy to hold the box and the lid open and still focus on the job in hand. I worked as fast as possible, Catherine was busy taking photos for her own work, but was feeling the effects, so I knew that I did not have long. After 35mins or so I decided that I had the key elements down and the colour notes that were important, so I packed away my palm box and took up the camera.

Like I said it was not easy bracing oneself, even if a little exaggerated for the photo, but we had fun.

Not quite the scene and position I painted from, this is one of Catherine's shots from the day. Winchelsea beach is a stunning place and on this day a very a dramatic sky and weather conditions made any light superb.
We could see many paintings, oils from me and watercolours from Catherine would result from the experience, although I was just a little disappointed that I only managed one small plein air study.

All images are copyrights and no usage without written permission from the artists.

best wishes as always

Monday, August 23, 2010

Swale Barge Match

I have yet to post the last Marwell entry, but before that I wanted to post this latest image. Also the first image from the 2010 Swale Barge match. I was lucky once more to be invited upon a stewards vessel, and as last year I really enjoyed the event.

This image is an oil on a very heavy canvas weave, allowing grain and texture to show with the use of the palette knife. This painting was fun to do.
It shows the Spritsail barge called EDME sailing in the lead into heavy weather that was approaching. I arranged the composition to make the whole scene more dramatic, not quite contre - jour, but the brightness of the clouds created the silhouette of the barge.
I hope that you enjoy this painting and the new ones that will be posted very soon.
Best wishes

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The next image for Marwell

This is the third of four images that will be on display at the latest Marwell International Wildlife Art Show at the Zoo in Hampshire. It is always a great affair and one Catherine and I enjoy annually. It will great meeting clients and old friends alike. It will also be the first time that I shall see these four new paintings displayed together.

This image is called 'Evening at Klein Namutoni'. It depicts a Leopard coming out of hiding at dusk for a much needed drink at the waterhole at Klein Namutoni. For any of you that know Namibia, it is a waterhole to be found in the great Etosha National Park. The painting is an oil on canvas and is 12" x 16".

Fingers crossed it and the other images, along with those Catherine has entered do well at the show for us both.
I will post an image of the final offering in this years quartet tomorrow.

Best wishes as always

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Image for the new Marwell show

The Marwell International Wildlife Art Society annual show is about to get underway at the well known zoo park of the same name. Normally I have my entries sorted, framed and ready to go at this late hour, but this year demands on my painting schedule have been more than anticipated. Please do not think I am grumbling about that, certainly not, I embrace it will relish, only it has left me playing a little catch up where this show is concerned. Already behind I had only managed to complete one of the paintings of the four needed for the show. The titles sizes etc of the other three had to be put down on the forms well in advance, so I hoped that my ideas would be fully realised on the day.

Well here is the second entry needed of the four, a small 8" x 12" oil on canvas called 'Look At Me Mum'.This is a little baby Elephant at a waterhole in Etosha.

I have just finished the third image and will post about that one when it is dry. I am completing the final image and hope that will be finished by the end of this week, fingers crossed.
Best wishes 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demo paintings at the CLA recently

Further to my report on the recent CLA game fair, I thought that it would be nice to post a couple of the demonstration paintings that I completed on the Sally Mitchell stand during the show.
 I enjoyed painting alongside Elizabeth Scrivener, Jonathan Walker, Paul Doyle and Malcolm Coward.

I completed three images in fact, all but one remains unresolved at this stage, so will be posted I hope at a later date.
The images shown here are  both 8" x 12" oil on panel.

Above is a study for a studio panel of a Springer Spaniel, where I have worked out many of the issues of 
light and balance along with composition for the upcoming studio image.

 The second depicts a shooting scene just after the beginning of the year with snow on the ground. Three gentleman and accompanying dogs stroll off to their respective pegs. It was done mainly using a palette knife.
It allowed tremendous freedom, scraping colour and cutting into fresh paint with the knife. I often explore painting with a knife, just to see where the journey takes me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two new images chosen for Marine art show

This is my latest image, well it has been ongoing for 8 months now as I have only just resolved many issues that I had within it. It is 16" x 20" oil on panel and is called 'On the Hard at Pinmill'. This painting, along with a plein air panel has just been chosen to be exhibited at Francis Iles Gallery in Rochester. The Marine Show is an annual event and will run from the 7th to the 28th August 2010.

The second painting is a plein air study of Faversham Creek at Faversham in Kent completed late last year in a 2hour session late one afternoon. It is a 8" x 12" oil on panel.

If you are around Rochester in August pop into the gallery for a  look, you will not be disappointed.

I do hope that you like these images,
best wishes 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall

Having finally packed my van and checked my list, I was finally ready to leave. Catherine waved goodbye and off I went to pick up a fellow artist an hour away. We arrived at the showground by 3.30 pm having been delayed by the famous M25 due to the carriageway being flooded. Arh! English weather eh! Anyway, we arrived a little tired but safe and ready to unload and display our artworks.

I left Mike at the Birds Birds Birds stand with his items along with three of my paintings

These were Morning Scramble above, Under Leaden Skies below left and Marsh Ghost, the owl below right. Paul Cumberland had displayed them nicely at the back of the stand. Despite many kind words and much talk during the weekend they remained unsold, although the Woodcock came very close to being sold. Only the fact that it had to go back to the publishers for scanning before the buyer could have it prevented the sale from being completed. A lesson learned, not to paint right up to the deadline and get these things done prior to a show. Oh well there was nothing that I could do at the time as I could not be consulted.

I had gone on and started setting up on my publishers stand at Sally Mitchell Fine Art, just a 100 yards away when Sally's son John (who was in charge of the stand and all proceedings) and whom until then I had only ever spoken to on the telephone, met with me for the very first time. I was warmly received and introduced to all the other members of staff and artist colleagues, Malcolm Coward, who's work I had long admired for the quality of light and impression in his paintings, Jonathan Walker, Paul Doyle, Elizabeth Scrivener and last but not least,one face I knew well my old friend Pip McGarry.

I was handed a beer, shown my booth, and left to get on with its organization and presentation in preparation for the next day. All the artists had a painting or demonstration area on the side of the main display area. It was a great space and source for a lot of fun over the weekend.

This image shows the area on Saturday as I was well into a small landscape painting, I managed four small paintings during the weekend, not all completed, but well underway. A spaniel and three landscapes.

The evenings were full of fun and good banter between us all, tired from the days talking and demonstrating, We ate and drank well comsuming some fresh lamb bought in by Elizabeth's daughter Alex. It was scrummy!

As Friday dawned I woke very early woken by the noise of those arriving late at the show to set up, so my day started at 4.20am!!!Not a great start, but hey no hangover so I could not complain too much. By the time the show opened at 7.30am I was ready and already painting. Within an hour, my painting of the Spaniel, Last Retrieve of the Day had found a new home, its new owners were extremely delighted with their decision, and I know that it will be treasured by them for many many years to come.

I had a great weekend catching up with old friends, many of  whom I had not seem for many years. I also made some new acquaintances and I hope new friends in the company of Sally Mitchell and the artists with whom I enjoyed the weekend.

I will be back next year at the CLA game fair which will be held at Blenheim Palace. I shall look forward to that, especially if it turns out to be as successful as this event.

My extra display inside the Sally Mitchell stand showing the coveted red spot upon my Last Retrieve of the Day painting.

Lastly, I would just like to thank Sally and John Mitchell for making it possible for me to be at the game fair this year, and again to John and all his staff for making me feel so welcome and a member of the team. Thanks also to Paul Cumberland for displaying my paintings and for allowing me to park my camper behind his stand.

Finally I was able to see some Malcolm Coward originals for the very first time, and I can assure you I was not disappointed. They lived up to and beyond all expectation, as did the John Trickett images, also long admired, though sadly John was not there to meet in person.

So all in all a great weekend made greater by fantastic people.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

CLA Game FAir

Bags are packed and van ready to go in two hours for the CLA Game fair at Ragley Hall in Warickshire just outside Stratford upon Avon.

I shall be demonstrating and painting images as well as showing my recent paintings on the Sally Mitchell Fine Art stand and the Birds Birds Birds Stand.
I hope to bump into you there.
It will be a fun time and a good time to catch up with some old friends and falconry buddies whilst there.
Back on Monday
Best wishes 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not Much Further

 This 12" x 16" oil on panel is a studio painting that I have based upon work that I completed En plein air at Camber Sands beach late last week. I took many reference images and candid shots during my painting session in the afternoon. These two children were doing their level best to haul their numerous items of much needed beach kit with them towards the sea.

I isolated them from other family members as it would have detracted from the overall narrative of these two individuals and the unaided, but determined effort to make it all the way to the water.

I used a lot of palette knife in this work and found a freedom of expression in doing so, I hope that you agree.
For now though I have to leave this little excursion into summer, returning to my deadline for wildlife images needed for the upcoming Marwell show in August. I only have three to do!!!
Best wishes 


Monday, July 12, 2010

Early Summers Day at Camber Sands

This is a new En plein air study Contre-jour upon Cambers famous sandy beach, standing with the beautiful and rare dunes behind me. It was completed in 2 hours, 8" x 12" oil on gesso panel.

As I cooked myself I longed to run into the inviting water joining the throng of people already enjoying its cool refreshing feel. Sadly it was not to be, as nice as the day was I was here to work, and after a short break I started on a second panel beginning around 3pm as the sun had travelled to the most Westerly point before  finally setting behind the Winchelsea peninsula. So many people had arrived at Camber beach on this sweltering day that I had to make rigid decisions as to whom and how many I would feature in my work.

The second of these panels is 10" x 12" worked in oil and again Contre-jour. This effect has a limiting effect upon ones palette, subduing the range to be used, once of course that range has been established.

Using these studies I plan upon creating new work back in the studio.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last painting for the game fair

Well I have just finished the final painting due to be launched at this years CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall Warwickshire during the weekend of the 24th July 2010. 
This one is called 'Bracken Path' showing an old family ground full of ancient oaks, conifer woodland and golden red bracken. Three cock Pheasants have been flushed from centre right and dash away to safety.
At the end of the day the sun spreads a golden fleece upon the land, a rare touch of warmth on a winters evening. 

Well fingers crossed it does well at the event. I hope that you enjoy the image.
Best wishes 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New London Gallery

                             Sunrise over Florida Oil on canvas 12 x 20

Earlier this year I was approached by a top London Gallery,( The Arthur Ackermann Gallery in 
Knightsbridge), to see if I would exhibit with a group of other artists in an upcoming show, called 'Call of the Wild'. I know many of you who follow my blog posts will already be aware of this, and how successful the show was. 

Well, since then I have had a few meetings with the owner and other key members of staff . Today they visited my studio and took a large consignment of paintings with them. I HAVE A NEW LONDON GALLERY!!! 

I am so very happy. My work has often appeared in London galleries such as the Mall and Tryon Galleries respectively but Catherine and I have wanted to see for a longtime now,  my art shown in a permanent gallery, one that is acting for me and my work on an ongoing basis. Ackermann confirmed that as of today I was now one of their gallery artists.

So now I am painting with a renewed vigour and energy, not to mention one hell of a huge smile on my face, though that could be down to cracking open and consuming a good bottle of red!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Morning Scramble

Well here is another painting destined to be shown at the C.L.A. Game fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. Only this time, as with the painting posted a few days back, 'Under Leaden Skies', they will be displayed on the Birds Birds Birds Gallery Stand at the show. Paul Cumberland has for many years been taking my bird and game images to numerous shows including the CLA, so he will be showing a number of my works along with those of his other artists, including my daughter Sam's paintings, as she is also one of his artists.

I have a good number of other paintings in readiness for the show and the Sally Mitchell Fine Art stand where I will be demonstrating and talking to collectors throughout the event.

Having said that, I am so heavily into painting game images right now. I am fascinated and filled with heaps of ideas, and I have two more paintings on the go right now. Well one, and another in my head at this moment. This is all very good, but I have deadlines looming for some African images to be created, including a large Cheetah image. So as much as I dearly want to stay with the game paintings, I know that I will have to take a short break from them.

'Morning Scramble' was painted as a compliment to my recent work called 'Morning Flush'. The aforementioned has just been released as a fine art limited edition print by Sally Mitchell.  Morning Scramble depicts many birds having been disturbed making a hasty departure for a safer location. An early winters morning with a covering of snow and the corn stubble just appearing through, long deep shadows breaking those undulated furrows all combine to set the atmospheric scene I am presenting to you. I dare say that it was my clumsy feet that had disturbed these birds in the first instance, but an enjoyable painting to create. I hope that you like it.

Best wishes

Monday, June 28, 2010

The S.A.A. has done a really fantastic job on my behalf. They has printed an article introducing me and three of my more recent paintings to all the S.A.A. members. This latest issue of their Paint magazine carries that introduction.

If you paint then might I suggest whatever skill level you consider yourself  to at, this Society has something to offer all. Great Insurance, members benefits are amazing and it is full of many thousands of like minded people, from those who have just begun to paint right up to Professional Associates like myself. AS P.A.s we help others who aspire with art to go on to paint better images and enjoy their art more fully    

Check out the new S.A.A. Facebook page  or go to the website at              

Best wishes  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Under Leaden Skies

          This 12" x 16" canvas is my very latest painting titled 'Under Leaden Skies'  So many pictures of the fantastic Woodcock depict it very small in the canvas or so surrounded by wood and vegetation that it often appears lost. Indeed it should to a degree as it is a very shy and secretive woodland bird. Showing it in context is the right way to present the bird, though it does fly up high and fast to escape danger. I wanted to isolate this magnificent visitor to our shores, and illustrate its plumage and beauty against a complementary sky.
So there you are, Under Leaden Skies. I hope you like the painting.
Unless sold previously it will be on display at the CLA game fair in July.( There has already been buying interest in this work). If you are interested please call me without delay, as I suspect it will be gone soon.
Best wishes 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heading Home

This painting was completed recently for the C.L.A. Game fair in July.  It depicts one of the shoots senior  hands having picked up birds and heading back to the guns with his two trusted black labradors. A 12" x 16" oil on panel.

I have just finished a woodcock study which will be a the CLA. Interest is being shown in the painting, so it may be sold before then. Who knows fingers crossed..
Best wishes 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New images destined for Marwell Show

This is my latest African wildlife painting called ' Zambian Twins' and depicts two baby Zambian Zebra foals. It is an oil on canvas measuring 12" x 16". This painting was inspired from a field trip to the Luangwa Valley in Zambia that Catherine and I enjoyed a couple of years ago. It was a stunning trip which yielded so many painting opportunities and ideas, so many that despite painting a handful from the reference, I have not even started to scratch the surface when it comes to material on film and the images I have in my head.

I shall be submitting 4 images for the new Marwell art show in August. Three images are ready, so it remains for me to crack on and complete the final image.
In the meantime I do hope that you like Zambian Twins

Best wishes 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Paintings on show at the Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester

A total of 14 new paintings of mine will go on show at the Francis Iles Gallery in Rochester, Kent. They will bejoining other works of art in their 'Summer Show' 
The show runs from June 19th to August 6th 2010. So if you find yourself in Kent and in particular Rochester the go check out this gallery.

Camber Sands Sunset over Winchelsea

This is a two and half hour painting demo for students on Monday morning.  It is a 12" x 16" oil on panel and was great fun to do.

Camber is a beautiful stretch of Kent coastline with world famous sand dunes as far as the eye can see. It is always a pleasure to go there and paint. This one though was from previous reference and an Alla prima study in the studio. I do just love painting striking cloud forms of all types, but great lighting effect I seek out and paint whenever I can.

I hope that you enjoy this new painting.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Latest sporting image 'Woodcock Morning'

Well, it had issues at first, but it was worth the journey I took to complete this new canvas called 'Woodcock Morning' an 18" x 24" oil on canvas. It depicts a woodcock ever alert putting up, having been disturbed, banking immediately to avoid capture with a full spread of its wings. The woods create an avenue of snow laden carpet ahead, leading us further into this chilly, yet warming winter scene. The morning rays just breaking through the treeline create this juxtaposition of colour.

Well I hope that you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed creating it. The Woodcock is such a stunning woodland visitor to our shores, no other inhabitant of the forest save the Jay is as spectacular, and it has no rival in flight. In this regard it is a league on its its own.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day two at the Steam show.

Well the morning started with rain so I had an extra cup of coffee in the studio looking at the results of day one. I was debating if I should go or not. I was looking for areas that I should change with my approach if I ventured out again.

After a while the rain eased and I thought why not, I had really enjoyed the first days painting and provided the weather held day two would be as much fun.I arrived around 10.45 and the events were in full swing, the sky was grey and showed little resolve to improve. I started to work on a small 6" x 8" panel on the larger engine that I attempted the day before.  Once again I checked with the driver that he would not be moving the engine for a while.

This was the result after a couple of hours painting, and once more finding myself surrounded by many visitors, including a photographers form the local newspaper.

Well lunch was upon me and my subject had to finally move as did all the large engines. They were due to perform and display all their grand and very unique importance in our past history to all who had come to see them. After they had been returned and parked up I decided to paint my last image of the weekend. It was of a Foden Steam Wagon, I suppose the next generation of vehicle after the Steam engine and attached wagon, this was the natural progression. It was done on a 10" x 12" panel in oil completed over 2 1/2 hours. Even then I ran out of time as the vehicle was being moved, though I had got everything down that I needed, it was the hardest of all the images that I undertook this weekend. My concentration was pushed to the limit with this one I can say for sure.
Anyway I hope that you enjoy these new images from the weekend, if you do enjoy my work then you might like to become a follower of my blog so that posts will be notified to you as the happen.

Best wishes Paul

En plein air at the weekend

 Last weekend saw me at a local steam rally in Sellindge, a nearby village. I fancied painting something just a little different than usual. I ventured to capture some of the majesty that these grand old machines still exuded as they trundled around the show ground. It was the 41st such rally and a while since I had visited it back in 2004.

These vehicles weigh many tons and were not the easiest subjects to render in a painting, especially as I was surrounded by many would be onlookers each eager to see what I was up to, and how each image was shaping up. I have to confess that I was quite a novelty as most fans of these engines record their images via a camera. Here was I slapping oil paint onto a board attached to my Half French Easel. The top image was my first ever attempt at a steam engine, I had chosen to do two, nothing like double jeopardy I suppose. Anyway it was an 8" x 12" panel and it took just a little under two hours, then my subjects were on the move which forced me to finish, like it or not.

The second painting again two hours in duration was some what smaller on a 6" x 8" panel at the close of the day. I made sure though that this time it was not going to suddenly move away. The owner assured me it was not and seemed delighted that I was painting his engine. In fact he made several visits to me during the painting session. He did look pleased with my efforts.

The angles were tricky I will admit, and I ended up a little too close to the left hand edge for my liking, but it is only a study for a studio image later on. It did mean that I could concentrate upon the colour and also with the drawing..

This was day one of two, as I elected to go back in the morning for a second go and paint again. I learned some valuable things from this exercise and details that will come in very handy when I get to painting the larger canvasses back in the studio.

As always I welcome your comments and please fell free to add them on this and any other posts that I leave on my blog.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making the news

My three minutes of fame took about an hour of filming to achieve. I was opening the start of my part in the mixed show at the Ackermann Modern Gallery in Knightsbridge, London on the 18th of May. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post these images, but I have had a very busy week.  I know many of you saw my British news debut and have commented upon it. When I finally saw the segment on South East Today I thought it was weird seeing myself on the television screen.

I have to say a great deal of thanks to B.B.C.'s Claudia Sermbezis for instigating the interview, and Fiona for making me feel completely at ease during the filming part of proceedings.

The show itself has been well received with well over 130 people attending the preview evening and enjoying the artwork on offer, with several red dots appearing and that included my large Cheetah image. So I was a happy bunny for the rest of the evening. The show was well thought out and put to together with Camilla bearing the brunt of it. Thanks go to her and the staff members for making a good show great.

The show is on until the 2nd of June, so if you are in Knightsbridge, London, go have a look!
Best wishes as always Paul

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alla Prima #4

I am posting the latest in my still life series of Alla Prima studies. It was a study created as a 2 hour teaching demonstration on Monday. Oil on canvas panel 220 x 160. As usual painted in my Jullian Palm box, using just Cad Yellow Light, Alizarin Crimson, Phathalo Green, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Red Light and Titanium White.

I am enjoying painting these simple arrangements of fruit and will continue until my time allows me to do some En plein air studies. 

Hope that you like them so far.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apple and Pears 2

Here is another small Alla Prima study of some fruit, same size as before and oil on linen covered panel. I changed the composition a little this time and as the day was full of interruptions I had little time to complete this study. It was done start to finish in 1 1/4 hours, after that my light had vanished.

I have enjoyed doing these small panels and they do break up the day in the studio rather well and freshen up my approach. They are great for seeing, drawing and creating values within the structure of the paint. Until I am able time wise to get back outside and paint some landscapes these studies will be a great substitute,though I have to say I have been missing out on some fantastic skies of late, but hey there are only so many hours in each day, and I have serious deadlines to adhere to for now.

All of these painting are for sale so please call me if one is of interest to you.

Best wishes

The Commission I spoke of

 I have had several people asking me when I was going to post the dog commission completed recently. I always feel that it is rude to show such a work before the client themselves have seen and approved it. Well I am happy to report that they have, and are seemingly delighted with the result

I have called it 'Beach Setters'. It is a 20" x 30" oil on canvas. As the title suggests it depicts three generations of Red Setters, chasing, well nearly all chasing, across the wide expanse of sand at Camber beach. They are Bracken the oldest far left game for everything, then centre stage is Brodie, a full of energy 18 month old! More sedate of them all is Ciarrai (Carey) She is a dog out on her own, with her own way of doing things, she will amble along as long as it suits her to do so.

I know I have managed to created an image that fully explores the character of each of the dogs concerned. I know that the owners feel the same way and it has been a delight to paint and a greater delight to watch their faces as I unveiled the painting.

They now have an image that is not just a series of portraits of their dogs, but a painting and statement of their dogs which I hope will be a treasured possession for them.

I hope that you enjoy this image,

Best wishes

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Apple and Pears 1

I have been off line a few days and my main PC is still sick, so I am working off an old laptop for now. I am confined to the studio working on new paintings for shows later this year, namely the C.L.A. game fair and the Marwell International Art Show and finally the NEWA show. So I am very busy and sadly have little time to go and do some plein air painting. 

Not all is lost though as when I have great light in the studio I have been settling down to doing some simple Alla Prima still life images mainly of fruit for now. Of course in between painting studio images I have been doing some much needed gardening in my veggie plot.

I have already posted the image I completed in 2hrs on the 1st of May, this little study again 2hrs was painted on the 5th of May. 160 x 220mm an odd size due to my Julian palm box completed with Micheal Harding oil colour which I cannot recommend enough for its superior colour intensity and outstanding quality.

As always you can be the judge of my work. I do hope that you like it.

I am trying to set up a system on here so that I might start to sell or auction these small studies. I shall let you know my progress in this regard in due course.

Best wishes as always

Update on Show

The new show is being held at the Ackermann Modern, Ackermann Gallery, London SW1X 9HY and
 runs from the 19th of May until the 2nd of June 2010. It opens daily from 9.30 am to 5.30pm and to 2pm on Saturdays. All are welcome and please after you have been I would love to hear from each of you as to what you thought of the show.

I am one of seven participating artists who have been invited to exhibit at this esteemed gallery in Knightsbridge. I was originally showing just six paintings, but then the gallery called me and asked that a further three be included. I am delighted that between 8/9 images will be on show among the other great works being shown. This also includes my large Luangwa Courtship painting shown above. It will finally be getting a London premiere that it so richly deserves.

The preview evening is by invitation only. There are two evenings available 18th and the 20th of May 2010 between 6.00pm and 8.30pm . If you are interested in attending one of the preview dates then please let me know asap as available invitations will run out. I will be happy to forward both an invitation and newly printed catalogue to you by return.Or simply call Camilla Bowen at the Ackermann Modern on 020 7235 6464 for an invitation to be sent.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend.
Best wishes