Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Commission I spoke of

 I have had several people asking me when I was going to post the dog commission completed recently. I always feel that it is rude to show such a work before the client themselves have seen and approved it. Well I am happy to report that they have, and are seemingly delighted with the result

I have called it 'Beach Setters'. It is a 20" x 30" oil on canvas. As the title suggests it depicts three generations of Red Setters, chasing, well nearly all chasing, across the wide expanse of sand at Camber beach. They are Bracken the oldest far left game for everything, then centre stage is Brodie, a full of energy 18 month old! More sedate of them all is Ciarrai (Carey) She is a dog out on her own, with her own way of doing things, she will amble along as long as it suits her to do so.

I know I have managed to created an image that fully explores the character of each of the dogs concerned. I know that the owners feel the same way and it has been a delight to paint and a greater delight to watch their faces as I unveiled the painting.

They now have an image that is not just a series of portraits of their dogs, but a painting and statement of their dogs which I hope will be a treasured possession for them.

I hope that you enjoy this image,

Best wishes

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