Saturday, May 8, 2010

Apple and Pears 1

I have been off line a few days and my main PC is still sick, so I am working off an old laptop for now. I am confined to the studio working on new paintings for shows later this year, namely the C.L.A. game fair and the Marwell International Art Show and finally the NEWA show. So I am very busy and sadly have little time to go and do some plein air painting. 

Not all is lost though as when I have great light in the studio I have been settling down to doing some simple Alla Prima still life images mainly of fruit for now. Of course in between painting studio images I have been doing some much needed gardening in my veggie plot.

I have already posted the image I completed in 2hrs on the 1st of May, this little study again 2hrs was painted on the 5th of May. 160 x 220mm an odd size due to my Julian palm box completed with Micheal Harding oil colour which I cannot recommend enough for its superior colour intensity and outstanding quality.

As always you can be the judge of my work. I do hope that you like it.

I am trying to set up a system on here so that I might start to sell or auction these small studies. I shall let you know my progress in this regard in due course.

Best wishes as always

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