Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Botany Bay 20th August 2009

Ok, I have been meaning to paint at this popular seaside resort location for a very long time, and on the 20th of August I finally managed to get there. I had promised Barnaby a night away in the mobile studio. Hey I need a name for the camper, e-mail me with suggestions please. Anyway back to the story, we arrived quite late as I managed to get us lost, but arrive we finally did.
Having looked around we discovered that the beach was crowded, heaps of day trippers all enjoying the last of the summer holidays before returning to school. My timing left something to be considered, anyway I had come too far to be put off by the prospect of an audience whilst I painted, besides Barnaby would hve never let me leave and ruin his night away.
Paint I did, aided along by well meaning comments from reddened sun worshippers. The image above as the tide ebbed took 1 1/4 hours to complete.
Hope you like it , best wishes Paul

Corn Rolls

This little study had eluded me last year as I was going away to Africa for a field trip at a time when the corn was
being cut, so I missed the corn rolls. I saw these in Lympne on the 13/8/09 and just had to paint them, hope you like the image.
Check out the Plein air and Marine galleries, as new images have just been added.
Best wishes Paul

Sussex from Farthing Corner

En plein air or bust that is what I say. I love nothing more than going out in my new( secondhand) camper and painting something from a fresh perspective. I have had little time in the past, at least that is what I have often stated to all. Hey what rubbish, make time instead of a feeble excuse, and that is what I have been doing, getting out there and taking Catherine or Barnaby ( my son), willing or not, and getting into the act of painting out and about.

So watch out for more posts and exploits of the plein air kind.

By the way this scene was painted late one evening quite near to my studio. It is the view point at Farthing Corner in Kent, looking towards Sussex. I was chasing the sun down until I lost all my light. It was very recently, just having acquired my new secondhand camper, and Barnaby had nagged me to go out and cook some food for us, so that is what we did.
Hope you like the image

best wishes Paul

Latest Wildlife Painting

Hi all, I just wanted to show you my latest wildlife image of an Elephant. A little enraged and awaiting the rain to come. I have called it 'Distant Rain' a 12" x 16" Oil on Gesso panel and it is presented in a handmade 24ct gilded frame.

I have just been asked to be a part of a show being held by the Haddon Gallery in late October 2009 along with my friend Pip McGarry and Tony Forrest. It will be a  great event and a percentage of the sales will go to aid wildlife conservation, always a good thing.
The painting above will form part of my consignment of paintings for the show.

For dates and full information contact the Fiona Haddon at the Haddon Gallery
Tel +44 (0) 1803 31 31 33

Ok it should have been first in line, but hey!

This is my latest image, literally hot off the easel. It depicts a Sumartran Tigress lauching a suprise attack, an 'Ambush'.
The model for this painting is part of the WHF collection in Kent.
The painting has just been framed and will go on display with three other originals for the first time this coming Thursday at the Marwell International Art Society Show at the Marwell Zoo Park in Hampshire. Full details of this event can be found on my 2009 events page.

I do hope that you like the new painting, I really enjoyed creating it.
Best wishes Paul.

Some slightly older news from my old blog

I exhibited 4 paintings at the recent Marwell International Wildlife Art Exhibition, and one of my paintings called 'Breaking Cover' was awarded 2nd place in the Best Non-British Wildlife category. It was a nice award to receive especially as it is sponsored by the zoo itself, and one I am happy to add to my Cv and efforts as an artist.

Other than that I do not have too much to report other than my recent En plein air painting adventures. I will add those posts in the next few days I hope, so pop back and take a look at what I am doing outside.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey a new blog 'En Plein Air'

Ok, it is not the first time that this image has been seen, I have put it up rather as a test. I am trying some new blog software commercially used by Google. It does seem to be easier than the one I am using from BT.
I shall still run my old blog for all the newsworthy items and bits and pieces that I want you to know. This new blog is aimed purely at my plein air adventures, where I can list my latest plein air painting and a little of how and why it came about.
So for now there are two blogs associated with Paul Apps.
Best wishes Paul