Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sussex from Farthing Corner

En plein air or bust that is what I say. I love nothing more than going out in my new( secondhand) camper and painting something from a fresh perspective. I have had little time in the past, at least that is what I have often stated to all. Hey what rubbish, make time instead of a feeble excuse, and that is what I have been doing, getting out there and taking Catherine or Barnaby ( my son), willing or not, and getting into the act of painting out and about.

So watch out for more posts and exploits of the plein air kind.

By the way this scene was painted late one evening quite near to my studio. It is the view point at Farthing Corner in Kent, looking towards Sussex. I was chasing the sun down until I lost all my light. It was very recently, just having acquired my new secondhand camper, and Barnaby had nagged me to go out and cook some food for us, so that is what we did.
Hope you like the image

best wishes Paul

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