Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plein air adventure

This is a 6" x 8" palm box study taking 35mins the other day at Winchelsea beach in force 6-8 head-on winds as I tried to paint. I have to say it was not easy. Whilst not daring to compare myself to Turner, I could only imagine his dilemma at being lashed to the mast of a boat whilst sketching a massive storm at sea, yet felt in a little way that I understood the feeling.

Many times the lid of the palm box slammed shut on my fingers and brush, it was not at all easy to hold the box and the lid open and still focus on the job in hand. I worked as fast as possible, Catherine was busy taking photos for her own work, but was feeling the effects, so I knew that I did not have long. After 35mins or so I decided that I had the key elements down and the colour notes that were important, so I packed away my palm box and took up the camera.

Like I said it was not easy bracing oneself, even if a little exaggerated for the photo, but we had fun.

Not quite the scene and position I painted from, this is one of Catherine's shots from the day. Winchelsea beach is a stunning place and on this day a very a dramatic sky and weather conditions made any light superb.
We could see many paintings, oils from me and watercolours from Catherine would result from the experience, although I was just a little disappointed that I only managed one small plein air study.

All images are copyrights and no usage without written permission from the artists.

best wishes as always

Monday, August 23, 2010

Swale Barge Match

I have yet to post the last Marwell entry, but before that I wanted to post this latest image. Also the first image from the 2010 Swale Barge match. I was lucky once more to be invited upon a stewards vessel, and as last year I really enjoyed the event.

This image is an oil on a very heavy canvas weave, allowing grain and texture to show with the use of the palette knife. This painting was fun to do.
It shows the Spritsail barge called EDME sailing in the lead into heavy weather that was approaching. I arranged the composition to make the whole scene more dramatic, not quite contre - jour, but the brightness of the clouds created the silhouette of the barge.
I hope that you enjoy this painting and the new ones that will be posted very soon.
Best wishes

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The next image for Marwell

This is the third of four images that will be on display at the latest Marwell International Wildlife Art Show at the Zoo in Hampshire. It is always a great affair and one Catherine and I enjoy annually. It will great meeting clients and old friends alike. It will also be the first time that I shall see these four new paintings displayed together.

This image is called 'Evening at Klein Namutoni'. It depicts a Leopard coming out of hiding at dusk for a much needed drink at the waterhole at Klein Namutoni. For any of you that know Namibia, it is a waterhole to be found in the great Etosha National Park. The painting is an oil on canvas and is 12" x 16".

Fingers crossed it and the other images, along with those Catherine has entered do well at the show for us both.
I will post an image of the final offering in this years quartet tomorrow.

Best wishes as always

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Image for the new Marwell show

The Marwell International Wildlife Art Society annual show is about to get underway at the well known zoo park of the same name. Normally I have my entries sorted, framed and ready to go at this late hour, but this year demands on my painting schedule have been more than anticipated. Please do not think I am grumbling about that, certainly not, I embrace it will relish, only it has left me playing a little catch up where this show is concerned. Already behind I had only managed to complete one of the paintings of the four needed for the show. The titles sizes etc of the other three had to be put down on the forms well in advance, so I hoped that my ideas would be fully realised on the day.

Well here is the second entry needed of the four, a small 8" x 12" oil on canvas called 'Look At Me Mum'.This is a little baby Elephant at a waterhole in Etosha.

I have just finished the third image and will post about that one when it is dry. I am completing the final image and hope that will be finished by the end of this week, fingers crossed.
Best wishes 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demo paintings at the CLA recently

Further to my report on the recent CLA game fair, I thought that it would be nice to post a couple of the demonstration paintings that I completed on the Sally Mitchell stand during the show.
 I enjoyed painting alongside Elizabeth Scrivener, Jonathan Walker, Paul Doyle and Malcolm Coward.

I completed three images in fact, all but one remains unresolved at this stage, so will be posted I hope at a later date.
The images shown here are  both 8" x 12" oil on panel.

Above is a study for a studio panel of a Springer Spaniel, where I have worked out many of the issues of 
light and balance along with composition for the upcoming studio image.

 The second depicts a shooting scene just after the beginning of the year with snow on the ground. Three gentleman and accompanying dogs stroll off to their respective pegs. It was done mainly using a palette knife.
It allowed tremendous freedom, scraping colour and cutting into fresh paint with the knife. I often explore painting with a knife, just to see where the journey takes me.