Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Image for the new Marwell show

The Marwell International Wildlife Art Society annual show is about to get underway at the well known zoo park of the same name. Normally I have my entries sorted, framed and ready to go at this late hour, but this year demands on my painting schedule have been more than anticipated. Please do not think I am grumbling about that, certainly not, I embrace it will relish, only it has left me playing a little catch up where this show is concerned. Already behind I had only managed to complete one of the paintings of the four needed for the show. The titles sizes etc of the other three had to be put down on the forms well in advance, so I hoped that my ideas would be fully realised on the day.

Well here is the second entry needed of the four, a small 8" x 12" oil on canvas called 'Look At Me Mum'.This is a little baby Elephant at a waterhole in Etosha.

I have just finished the third image and will post about that one when it is dry. I am completing the final image and hope that will be finished by the end of this week, fingers crossed.
Best wishes 

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