Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plein air adventure

This is a 6" x 8" palm box study taking 35mins the other day at Winchelsea beach in force 6-8 head-on winds as I tried to paint. I have to say it was not easy. Whilst not daring to compare myself to Turner, I could only imagine his dilemma at being lashed to the mast of a boat whilst sketching a massive storm at sea, yet felt in a little way that I understood the feeling.

Many times the lid of the palm box slammed shut on my fingers and brush, it was not at all easy to hold the box and the lid open and still focus on the job in hand. I worked as fast as possible, Catherine was busy taking photos for her own work, but was feeling the effects, so I knew that I did not have long. After 35mins or so I decided that I had the key elements down and the colour notes that were important, so I packed away my palm box and took up the camera.

Like I said it was not easy bracing oneself, even if a little exaggerated for the photo, but we had fun.

Not quite the scene and position I painted from, this is one of Catherine's shots from the day. Winchelsea beach is a stunning place and on this day a very a dramatic sky and weather conditions made any light superb.
We could see many paintings, oils from me and watercolours from Catherine would result from the experience, although I was just a little disappointed that I only managed one small plein air study.

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best wishes as always

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