Monday, August 23, 2010

Swale Barge Match

I have yet to post the last Marwell entry, but before that I wanted to post this latest image. Also the first image from the 2010 Swale Barge match. I was lucky once more to be invited upon a stewards vessel, and as last year I really enjoyed the event.

This image is an oil on a very heavy canvas weave, allowing grain and texture to show with the use of the palette knife. This painting was fun to do.
It shows the Spritsail barge called EDME sailing in the lead into heavy weather that was approaching. I arranged the composition to make the whole scene more dramatic, not quite contre - jour, but the brightness of the clouds created the silhouette of the barge.
I hope that you enjoy this painting and the new ones that will be posted very soon.
Best wishes

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