Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi to all my followers and friends out there my blog has finally found a permanent home

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Well I have been so very busy of late with all that I have been up to. As I close out this year of 2014, planning Christmas with my family, I have been looking back at what has been a great year for me as an artist. 

The studio has been a great inspiration for me and teaching all my students has been full of fun, their progress on the whole has been significant and in certain cases individuals have achieved their own sales. This is always a delight to me.

The second book has been finished and now the publishers must get it ready for the market and its release in July 2015.

Sales from galleries and in particular my own gallery have seen a sharp increase this year, very welcome and long may it continue on into 2015.

The workshops have been well received and have seen students from Denmark, Australia and Norway. They went away very happy, hope to see them all again one day.

I have decided to do a lot more next year in the studio, so really and truly watch this space, time permitting I have many new thoughts for 2015.

I have also decided to post and share some of my older paintings over the coming weeks. some paintings have had an awful lot of exposure in the public arena. Others have not, either they have been quickly snapped up by eager collectors or retained in my personal collection.

Royal Watcher 
16 x 24 if I remember correctly
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