Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Plein Air Workshops - Book your places now

I have been asked many times as a result of my talks and demonstrations to art societies if I will do some workshops.
Well this year I am slotting in three En plein air workshops if the weather is kind. 
The spaces will be very limited on each occasion so they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Early booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Booking call me on 01303 265126 or Email me on paul@paulapps.com
At this time only three dates have been set, others might be added later depending on how busy my schedule becomes.

Saturday 30th July

Saturday 3rd September

Tuesday 20th September
If the weather is inclement on the day all efforts will be made to reschedule the day.

The day will begin at 9.30 and end around 4.30 to 5.00pm
We will have breaks and a period for lunch, I recommend that you bring sandwiches and sufficient refreshments  and warm clothes as standing still cane get a little chilly sometimes.

I paint in Oils and Acrylic on the workshops, and will demonstrate these during the day
You can work in your preferred medium including pastel and watercolour if you wish.
Whatever medium you work in I can help and assist you in your painting.

This workshop is designed to show you how to paint using the great outdoors as your studio. I will demonstrate techniques and assist you during your own painting.
I hope you will go away having had a great day lots of fun and laughs along the way. Moreover you will be eager to go out and explore the world around you own home and embrace the practice of painting plein air, and developing your new found skills to greater levels.

These workshops are for all abilities beginner to professional alike. we will end with an informal look at our days efforts before heading to our respective homes.

Cost of the day will be £50.00

The locations will be finalized soon, but is hoped to be Camber, Rye and Hastings.

I am also planning 2 one day workshops in September and October painting Wildlife and British Birds, dates to be announced.

Call me and book a place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Show me the Monet

Morning Flush

20" x 30" Oil on canvas
Although I was not a finalist in the program 'Show me the Monet', I was contacted last week and asked if this painting could be used as part of a sequence of artwork showing the high quality of submission. So I guess if you blink you will miss it, but hey it is on the show for free so who's complaining.

Show me the Monet Wednesday 11th May 2011
BBC 2 5.15pm

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Old Town of Rye

The Old Town of Rye
Oil on panel  12" x 16"
This new image of Rye Town is based upon the Plein air painting I completed on Easter Sunday. As I was painting that image I was aware that the scene was rapidly warming as the sun was descending. The scene took on a beautiful glow. As I was already well into my work, I was not prepared to start chasing the light, always a fatal decision to make, but I remembered the changes for this new interpretation.
I have used this painting as the step by step guide and part of my latest S.A.A. paint magazines article for the July issue. There you be able to find out more on how I accomplished the painting.

If you are not already a member of the S.A.A. then may I suggest you look into it.  The S.A.A is a great Pro/Am society promoting painting for all members and is excellent for helping professionals like myself to promote my teaching and workshop skills. It is also a great source for art insurance built into the membership costs, couldn't be simpler.

This painting is for sale at £850.00 and is presented in a handmade 23ct gilded custom frame
enquiries email me at paul@paulapps.com