Monday, May 9, 2011

The Old Town of Rye

The Old Town of Rye
Oil on panel  12" x 16"
This new image of Rye Town is based upon the Plein air painting I completed on Easter Sunday. As I was painting that image I was aware that the scene was rapidly warming as the sun was descending. The scene took on a beautiful glow. As I was already well into my work, I was not prepared to start chasing the light, always a fatal decision to make, but I remembered the changes for this new interpretation.
I have used this painting as the step by step guide and part of my latest S.A.A. paint magazines article for the July issue. There you be able to find out more on how I accomplished the painting.

If you are not already a member of the S.A.A. then may I suggest you look into it.  The S.A.A is a great Pro/Am society promoting painting for all members and is excellent for helping professionals like myself to promote my teaching and workshop skills. It is also a great source for art insurance built into the membership costs, couldn't be simpler.

This painting is for sale at £850.00 and is presented in a handmade 23ct gilded custom frame
enquiries email me at

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