Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Botany Bay 20th August 2009

Ok, I have been meaning to paint at this popular seaside resort location for a very long time, and on the 20th of August I finally managed to get there. I had promised Barnaby a night away in the mobile studio. Hey I need a name for the camper, e-mail me with suggestions please. Anyway back to the story, we arrived quite late as I managed to get us lost, but arrive we finally did.
Having looked around we discovered that the beach was crowded, heaps of day trippers all enjoying the last of the summer holidays before returning to school. My timing left something to be considered, anyway I had come too far to be put off by the prospect of an audience whilst I painted, besides Barnaby would hve never let me leave and ruin his night away.
Paint I did, aided along by well meaning comments from reddened sun worshippers. The image above as the tide ebbed took 1 1/4 hours to complete.
Hope you like it , best wishes Paul

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