Monday, May 3, 2010

New image studies

I have posted two images which are merely thumbnail sketches where I have worked out the idea, numbers of birds, position and placement. Some of the lighting issues have been examined as well. 

This is the first image showing the birds position in the design and the relative sizes etc. It also deals with some of the landscape issues with light and colours  being explored. I then became aware that it might be looking a little too much like a summer scene instead of a winters chilly morning with frost or snow.
Therefore I decided to photograph the study as is shown above in preparation to add further to it.

In the second I added some cloud forms and some snow colour into the corn stubble. I must add that these images have taken no longer than an hour and are merely to answer some of my questions as outlined above.
It really is a important part of any painting. After the initial idea has taken route, when you might only have a thumbnail in place, this stage is all part of planning a painting.
Without these first steps which are the synopsis to the main body of the work, we as artists so often end up with an overworked image that smacks of lack of planning.
I will now go on and resolve any issues relating to composition and start to plan the image in full size .
This study is oil on panel 6" x 8" The original will end up around 18" x 24".
I shall hopefully update the progress of this painting as it evolves.
Best wishes 

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