Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apple and Pears 2

Here is another small Alla Prima study of some fruit, same size as before and oil on linen covered panel. I changed the composition a little this time and as the day was full of interruptions I had little time to complete this study. It was done start to finish in 1 1/4 hours, after that my light had vanished.

I have enjoyed doing these small panels and they do break up the day in the studio rather well and freshen up my approach. They are great for seeing, drawing and creating values within the structure of the paint. Until I am able time wise to get back outside and paint some landscapes these studies will be a great substitute,though I have to say I have been missing out on some fantastic skies of late, but hey there are only so many hours in each day, and I have serious deadlines to adhere to for now.

All of these painting are for sale so please call me if one is of interest to you.

Best wishes

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