Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Under Leaden Skies

          This 12" x 16" canvas is my very latest painting titled 'Under Leaden Skies'  So many pictures of the fantastic Woodcock depict it very small in the canvas or so surrounded by wood and vegetation that it often appears lost. Indeed it should to a degree as it is a very shy and secretive woodland bird. Showing it in context is the right way to present the bird, though it does fly up high and fast to escape danger. I wanted to isolate this magnificent visitor to our shores, and illustrate its plumage and beauty against a complementary sky.
So there you are, Under Leaden Skies. I hope you like the painting.
Unless sold previously it will be on display at the CLA game fair in July.( There has already been buying interest in this work). If you are interested please call me without delay, as I suspect it will be gone soon.
Best wishes 

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  1. YEAH ! now thats special Paul , nice descision and great piece ! it works for me , i ALWAYS want to see more Woodcock !


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