Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day two at the Steam show.

Well the morning started with rain so I had an extra cup of coffee in the studio looking at the results of day one. I was debating if I should go or not. I was looking for areas that I should change with my approach if I ventured out again.

After a while the rain eased and I thought why not, I had really enjoyed the first days painting and provided the weather held day two would be as much fun.I arrived around 10.45 and the events were in full swing, the sky was grey and showed little resolve to improve. I started to work on a small 6" x 8" panel on the larger engine that I attempted the day before.  Once again I checked with the driver that he would not be moving the engine for a while.

This was the result after a couple of hours painting, and once more finding myself surrounded by many visitors, including a photographers form the local newspaper.

Well lunch was upon me and my subject had to finally move as did all the large engines. They were due to perform and display all their grand and very unique importance in our past history to all who had come to see them. After they had been returned and parked up I decided to paint my last image of the weekend. It was of a Foden Steam Wagon, I suppose the next generation of vehicle after the Steam engine and attached wagon, this was the natural progression. It was done on a 10" x 12" panel in oil completed over 2 1/2 hours. Even then I ran out of time as the vehicle was being moved, though I had got everything down that I needed, it was the hardest of all the images that I undertook this weekend. My concentration was pushed to the limit with this one I can say for sure.
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Best wishes Paul


  1. your'e a braver man than i paul! What a tricky subject to attempt plein made a sterling job of these engines and your speed of work never ceases to amaze me,but i guess in this instance speed is of the essence!

  2. Thanks Clive I was so intensely concentrated that I had stiffened up so much it was hard to move. Thanks for your comments, by the way love the gull image....P

  3. Love your blog. These paintings are great..such details which make it very challenging. I'm looking forward to seeing your future work

  4. Thank you for your kind thoughts, and I hope that my future posts live up to your expectation


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