Sunday, June 20, 2010

New images destined for Marwell Show

This is my latest African wildlife painting called ' Zambian Twins' and depicts two baby Zambian Zebra foals. It is an oil on canvas measuring 12" x 16". This painting was inspired from a field trip to the Luangwa Valley in Zambia that Catherine and I enjoyed a couple of years ago. It was a stunning trip which yielded so many painting opportunities and ideas, so many that despite painting a handful from the reference, I have not even started to scratch the surface when it comes to material on film and the images I have in my head.

I shall be submitting 4 images for the new Marwell art show in August. Three images are ready, so it remains for me to crack on and complete the final image.
In the meantime I do hope that you like Zambian Twins

Best wishes 


  1. nice one paul,looking forward to seeing your work there and with a bit of luck i hope to have a couple there myself

  2. Good luck with your submissions Paul. This is a charming painting of one of my favourite African animals.


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