Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 3 of Provence plein air trip

St Maxime across the bay to St Tropez

Day three of my painting trip to the Cote d Azur saw me travelling to St Maxime where the day was overshadowed by drizzle and flat lighting. We began at one end of the beach to view the famous St Tropez across the bay. All the wonderful luxury yachts anchored off the harbour were a delight to see.
This painting I stood for 1.5 hours in the rain to complete, so glad I paint mostly in oils. We never ventured further round to visit that renowned place instead heading back toward St Rafael for my second painting of the day

                                                           Small harbour at St Maxime

 I had spotted two places on our way to St Maxime and so desparately wanted to return to them and paint. Now I have no names of locations for these next two paintings other than they are to be found near to St Maxime heading for St Rafael. The first of the two was a small harbour area cut into the rocks almost lost with Cannes in the back ground. It was a stunning vista and tremendous place to do a study. Another 8" x 10" oil and number two of the day, taking around 1.5 hours to complete.

                                                           House on the point St Maxime

The last painting shows signs and glimpses of light peeping through as the day was ending, the distant mountains behind what I think was Cannes shone as the sun descended for the day, the landscape glowing at last from a day deprived of sunshine. So to my two friends great delight, I think, though not so convinced, I declared that I really wanted to do this scene. Michael and his Uncle Jacque put on a smile and indulged me. They were great and Jacque was an experience all to himself, as well as being my minder and interpreter he was a great chap to be around, even if we could not fully understand each other. We at least got the basics sorted out, which obviously included Vin Rouge. This scene we found ourselves perched high in a car park, it took me nearly 2 hours to complete. I so enjoyed all that the image had to offer, in terms of composition, and facets, the light from the clear Mediterranean was exquisite. It was a great days painting. We left late, but although I was tired I felt fulfilled by my work on this day.

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