Monday, July 12, 2010

Early Summers Day at Camber Sands

This is a new En plein air study Contre-jour upon Cambers famous sandy beach, standing with the beautiful and rare dunes behind me. It was completed in 2 hours, 8" x 12" oil on gesso panel.

As I cooked myself I longed to run into the inviting water joining the throng of people already enjoying its cool refreshing feel. Sadly it was not to be, as nice as the day was I was here to work, and after a short break I started on a second panel beginning around 3pm as the sun had travelled to the most Westerly point before  finally setting behind the Winchelsea peninsula. So many people had arrived at Camber beach on this sweltering day that I had to make rigid decisions as to whom and how many I would feature in my work.

The second of these panels is 10" x 12" worked in oil and again Contre-jour. This effect has a limiting effect upon ones palette, subduing the range to be used, once of course that range has been established.

Using these studies I plan upon creating new work back in the studio.

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