Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New London Gallery

                             Sunrise over Florida Oil on canvas 12 x 20

Earlier this year I was approached by a top London Gallery,( The Arthur Ackermann Gallery in 
Knightsbridge), to see if I would exhibit with a group of other artists in an upcoming show, called 'Call of the Wild'. I know many of you who follow my blog posts will already be aware of this, and how successful the show was. 

Well, since then I have had a few meetings with the owner and other key members of staff . Today they visited my studio and took a large consignment of paintings with them. I HAVE A NEW LONDON GALLERY!!! 

I am so very happy. My work has often appeared in London galleries such as the Mall and Tryon Galleries respectively but Catherine and I have wanted to see for a longtime now,  my art shown in a permanent gallery, one that is acting for me and my work on an ongoing basis. Ackermann confirmed that as of today I was now one of their gallery artists.

So now I am painting with a renewed vigour and energy, not to mention one hell of a huge smile on my face, though that could be down to cracking open and consuming a good bottle of red!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Paul! That's a great gallery - you deserve that bottle of red! I hope the representation goes well and wish you all the best on the new London gallery adventure. Keep us readers posted on when things are hanging there and I'll pop by to have a look.

  2. Hi Caroline many thanks for your kind wishes. You obviously know this gallery from your message. Yes I will let you know, as I understand it my work will be on permanent display to some degree, increasing for shows etc. Thanks again, best wishes...Paul


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