Friday, July 2, 2010

Morning Scramble

Well here is another painting destined to be shown at the C.L.A. Game fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. Only this time, as with the painting posted a few days back, 'Under Leaden Skies', they will be displayed on the Birds Birds Birds Gallery Stand at the show. Paul Cumberland has for many years been taking my bird and game images to numerous shows including the CLA, so he will be showing a number of my works along with those of his other artists, including my daughter Sam's paintings, as she is also one of his artists.

I have a good number of other paintings in readiness for the show and the Sally Mitchell Fine Art stand where I will be demonstrating and talking to collectors throughout the event.

Having said that, I am so heavily into painting game images right now. I am fascinated and filled with heaps of ideas, and I have two more paintings on the go right now. Well one, and another in my head at this moment. This is all very good, but I have deadlines looming for some African images to be created, including a large Cheetah image. So as much as I dearly want to stay with the game paintings, I know that I will have to take a short break from them.

'Morning Scramble' was painted as a compliment to my recent work called 'Morning Flush'. The aforementioned has just been released as a fine art limited edition print by Sally Mitchell.  Morning Scramble depicts many birds having been disturbed making a hasty departure for a safer location. An early winters morning with a covering of snow and the corn stubble just appearing through, long deep shadows breaking those undulated furrows all combine to set the atmospheric scene I am presenting to you. I dare say that it was my clumsy feet that had disturbed these birds in the first instance, but an enjoyable painting to create. I hope that you like it.

Best wishes

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