Sunday, November 15, 2009

It has been a while

Caught in the act as it were,  local photographer  Jon Lydon snapped myself, Karl Terry and Chris Daynes as we painted our way through the day at Rye Harbour in East Sussex on Wednesday 11th November. The photos do not show the wind we had to contend with as we captured various aspects of the harbour over the days work.

We started at 7.00am and finished, 5 paintings later around 4.30pm, ok we had a healthy, well not so healthy fried full English breakfast to seal out the cold weather. All in all the day was fun and productive and I will post the images up later on as they are drying at the moment and I do not wish to disturb them for photos just yet.

I hope to get out again next week and have another go.

 Myself with Karl in the background

Myself with Karl and Chris

All photos by Jon Lydon with thanks...

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