Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Christmas for 2009

Catherine and I would like to wish all my clients and friends best wishes for Christmas and happiness in 2010.

Many thanks for all your support during 2009.

Despite the ongoing recession it has been a fair year for Paul Apps Fine Art. It has seen new subjects being studied and painted as well as a resurgence of older subjects re examined in my studio.

Added to that has been an increase in outdoor activity on my part painting more Plein air studies than ever before, and it has to be said, it is a bug that has taken hold. I simply cannot get enough of being out there and painting my reaction to the scene or chosen object in front of me. I do so whenever the chance allows me.

Happily new galleries have come on line this year offering my work to a greater audience than ever before, with the promise of even more galleries supporting me in 2010. It is an avenue that I actively follow. This, coupled with the revamped website and two active blog pages are now reaching many more people, and judging by many of the comments I receive, things are heading in the right direction. I hope to add a properly running shop with the website as soon as possible in 2010.

Finally, Catherine now has her own website, it has been a long time in coming, but I hope that it will do very well for her in the coming years.

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