Monday, April 18, 2011

New Spaniel Painting

Looking to Retrieve 

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"
This is my latest dog painting of a Springer Spaniel. It is a sequel to my painting 'Last Retrieve of the Day'. It has been painted in one set of primaries only, a severely limited palette. Not only am I really enjoying painting this way it is making me work extremely hard to mix what I need and to look hard at the values within passages within the painting. The end result is a harmony quite unlike that of using many pigments.
This new painting will be in print in time for the C.L.A. Game Fair at Blenheim Palace in July 2011. 
The original, unless previously sold will feature as one of my main exhibits on my publishers stand.
I will also be painting on the Sally Mitchell Fine Art stand during this event.


  1. Wonderful painting Paul! I love the limited use of colours-very inspiring, a magical stroke of genius :) Jules

  2. Julia many thanks for your very kind thoughts, best wishes

  3. Is this painting availble to purchase?

    1. sorry for such a delayed reply, sadly the image flew off the wall. Thanks for the interest Paul

  4. Wow! This Painting Easel is really great. I love it. Thanks for sharing. I will surely gonna come back.


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