Sunday, July 31, 2011

Painting in the Castle Grounds

Oil on panel 8 x 12
Plein Air
Well recently I was invited to the famous Saltwood Castle which is only 500 yards from our home. So to be able to paint in the grounds was fantastic. I also took some pics as I had only a limited time to work.
I managed two images, though the wind took my easel over and smashed the side of my open box m pochade ( now fixed as best I can) and the painting was smeared across the grasses. That ended that work.
I then painted this statue of an ancient female warrior figure, nestled within the grounds of the once Archbishop's private garden. I would love to think that she was possibly our much loved Queen Boudicca. Who knows, the details are long lost and only the romance remains.
The Castle was slept in by the assassins of Thomas A Becket in 1170 AD.

Wow that's history!!

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