Sunday, October 21, 2012

Venice 2012 Images and Plein air studies

I have displayed most not all of the paintings from my recent Venice trip.

Five and a half days yealded 22 oils 4 watercolours several sketches and once pastel.

I had tired shoulders from the backback I was hauling around each day, p.s. not teh shoulder bag in the photo, though enjoyed my experience of Venice and trying so hard to bring home its light in my head and in my images.
 Evening light Della Salute 6 x 8

 Morning Light San Giorgio Maggiore 6 x 8

 Sunrise San Giorgio Maggiore from the Dogana 6x8

 Santa Maria and Gondola  6x 8

San Giorgio Maggiore nocturne 6 x 8

 Top most painting from the Dogana

Great motif the Santa Maria Della Salute from the Acadamia Bridge

I shall post more very soon, please leave any comments you wish, and please follow this blog

Best wishes

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