Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is an older image that I created from reference taken on a great trip to Yellowstone many years ago in the late 1990's.Yellowstone lake formed the background, and the wolves from a refuge at West Yellowstone .As I said it really was a great trip with my friend and artist Greg Beecham from Dubios Wyoming. Wind River range was stunning countryside, I could talk about and paint that area forever in a heartbeat.

I joined other artist friends John Mullane, Matt Hillier and Lindsey Foggett. for a further ten days of mayhem in Yellowstone National Park and Montana. I had a fantastic time, in fact it was written about in a magazine of the day called Informart. Anyway all that aside, and before I get carried away, I have posted this image in response to others asking to see some of my older works.

The original is 20" x 36" oil on canvas. It has been made into a limited edition fine art lithograph and is still available to buy.

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