Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unexpected visitors

Enjoyed a couple of unexpected visitors to my Koi pond this afternoon as I was gardening. A pair of Mallard dropped in for a swim, wash and brush up before the evening set in. They were either very stupid or very brave, as only a 30" fence separated them from our three German Shepherds a few feet away. Each had by now taken keen interest in the ducks activities, and were waiting for them to stray too far. On the other side of the pond watching intently was my Harris Hawk, 'Maya' on her bow perch. Thinking that dinner was on the hoof tonight and a gourmet selection at that. I sat on the bench as they went about their activities, grabbed my camera. They were so tame coming within 12 " of my feet. Alas they went, after ten minutes or so. I expect the penny finally dropped that this was a dangerous neighborhood to be in for dinner, or be dinner. Anyway thought I'd share that with you all.
I have not been painting for the last three days as heaps in that garden to do and catch up on. This included overhauling Maya's aviary, and perches. Back to painting at the first sign of bad weather I promise....Paul

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