Monday, February 14, 2011

New images

I have often been trying to limit my palette and found it difficult at times, no great excuses except I had for many years demonstrated for many art companies at various venues. This allowed me access to their respective colour ranges to play with. So I did, but to a degree being spoiled in this way made things rather difficult. Colour mixing becomes an issue of laziness and paintings although good, often lack some degree of harmony.

I have also often, and still do, paint on a coloured or tinted ground, I often dislike painting off of white. There is nothing wrong with it, but I love to establish my light and dark values rather early on. I therefore use the colour as a basic mid tone.

Well all that said and done, I have gone off the deep end and WOW! so glad that I have. Check out the study below.

This study is 10" x 13" oil on canvas called the 'Westerly at Hythe '

When I say I have gone off the deep end, I have seriously restricted my palette to the primaries and a white. I have restricted myself to six colours before, never three. For the first time I am having to make hard decisions as I paint, colour mixing and elaborating upon the vocabulary I am able to draw upon.

The final effect is awesome as I have achieved all that I set out to do, the harmonies run through and unite the whole image. I was going to explore gulls in the image, but have delayed that for the moment.

I do hope you like this image.


  1. well your experiment with the limited pallette is certainly working here,the colours are spot on.theres already plenty of movement here and it works well already,i think some well placed gulls would only add to the image

  2. Cheers Clive, hope you are both well, sorry I could not come by the other week, I finished the and came straight back. talk soon. P


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