Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Working up a storm.... Wave

I am working hard in the studio and so wanted to change the challenge and force issues much further than I have so far. I love the idea of the wave study, and wanted to create a much larger version of the wave and this time add Gulls into the mix.

I carefully prepared a 20" x 30" canvas in anticipation, that red is so strong. I set up the study and set off on this new journey. Mixing the primaries I remembered parts from the study and used that information in the new work.

The result is below.


The Wave 

20" x 30" oil on canvas

The larger version is unified and cohesive. I have been able to transfer all the freshness, vibrancy, colour and harmony from the sketch into this final piece. You will notice that there are still no gulls in this painting. I honestly cannot make up my mind. I just love the statement this work is making without them. I will do something else I feel with gulls, or add them here later if I decide to.

I have added the study again below


I am so hooked on working in this way I have put all my many other pigments away and only upon rare occasions will they see the light of day again.

I do hope you have enjoyed these recent posts and my new work, if so please feel free to leave me feedback, here or on my email.

Best wishes


  1. Hi, I love your work, I love the colors and light that you give very good job congratulations, greetings.

  2. Ricardo many thanks for your kind comments, glad that you like my work, regards Paul


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