Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Show me the Monet

Morning Flush

20" x 30" Oil on canvas
Although I was not a finalist in the program 'Show me the Monet', I was contacted last week and asked if this painting could be used as part of a sequence of artwork showing the high quality of submission. So I guess if you blink you will miss it, but hey it is on the show for free so who's complaining.

Show me the Monet Wednesday 11th May 2011
BBC 2 5.15pm


  1. I spotted it Paul, but by God you had to be quick!

  2. I guess Mike. I missed it altogether, I thought the whole show was a farce and total degrading. I feel that it was a lucky escape that I did not get in... Hope you are well.

  3. Great painting,enjoyed looking through your blog hope to see more.


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