Saturday, November 1, 2014

Back after a long absence !!

Its been a long time for sure

Spitfire  Mk 9 over Saltwood in Kent. 20 x 30 oil on Linen


I have to say that my absence from Blogger and this blog was a decision that I have come to realise was in hindsight the wrong one to have taken.
So now I am revamping this blog and will stay on this blogging platform from now on. Over the coming weeks as time allows I shall be tweeting and adding content to this blog. I hope that it will have a greater connection and link with my own website at .
I hope that those who used to follow this blog will once again do so and enjoy the posts as they happen.
My aim and all good intention is to keep up a regular blog for all to enjoy.
All my older post from Christmas 2012 until now can be found at the following address
I shall leave this up and available for any interested parties wishing to catch up.
Though this will now be the place to find all my latest updates etc.
It will also be linked directly from my website at
www.paulappsfineart.comYou can also add your name to subscribe to my monthly newsletter

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