Sunday, November 2, 2014

Painting hard and thinking ahead.

I have been so busy this past year not only teaching my students at my studio in Hythe, as well as all my many workshops, I have been concentrating upon my new book.  The new title from Search Press  is to be called   "Painting  Rivers Lakes and Streams" It has been a long road, and then end is not yet in sight. Yet I have to add my deadlines most certainly is.
I have been about 24 paintings for the new title, so it has left me a little short of time to complete new works, new wildlife paintings to offer the market. I will make up for this fact in 2015.

It follows on from my last book " Learn to paint Dogs and Puppies"

OK OK I am showing you the Italian version that came out during 2013.

I still have so much to complete upon the new title and really hope that I get it in before the deadline. I know my wife Catherine along with other good friends are pushing me rather hard, not to mention my editor.

Sure it will all work out.

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