Sunday, January 10, 2010

Demo piece

My annual visit to the members of Hythe Art Society took place on Wednesday 6th January. I was delighted with the number of people who braved the snow, ice and extreme cold to come along and listen to my demonstation.
The welcome as always was warm and cheery, despite the weather.

The image I chose to paint was a black Laborador on a retrival exercise in a lake during the late summer. It was a demonstration in oil and lasted for two hours. After teas and introductions I actually ended up painting this image in one and a half hours. At the beginning I announced that I hoped it would go well as I had left my glasses at home, so there was no telling how it would end up!

Anyway everyone agreed that it went well, with most of the paint going onto the canvas instead of me, which is usually what happens. So maybe next time I will leave my glasses at home once more, saves on clothing.

The image is a full sketch and working study for a new painting that I will be starting in the next few days. That is once this snow has gone as I am out painting whenever the weather allows.

I do hope that you like the demonstration image.

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