Thursday, January 14, 2010

Second landscape of the new year

Well I could not stop with the Preston image. I have been passing the church on the hill for many years and for the last 8 months I have thought about how nice it might look as a painting. Several times I have pulled up and got out of my car to look at the scene of this old church perched up on the side of a hill in the little village of Peene near Folkestone.

When I saw it in snow I had to get some reference, I was going to do it as a plein study but the day I went the sun shone in the snow everywhere except on my church, utter frustration! I took a couple of shots in case I could not get the sun on it whilst the snow was around, in which case I would had no choice but create my own sunlight whilst painting the image.

As luck would have it I was off to join a friend painting the next day, and as I past by the church so the sun shone upon it, showing it off in all its majesty,.I took a few shots just as the sun went behind a huge cloud, how lucky was that, or was it devine intervention, I'll let you decide that issue.

Anyway the image is for sale and details can be found on my web gallery. I have as the last painting shown it in its new frame, being  hand made and 23ct gilded .


Best wishes Paul


  1. Very nicely done, Paul.
    I met you when some years ago-you were in Dubois, Wyoming with Greg Beecham and we all went painting out to a friends place east of Dubois.
    Love your blog and you have some great art displayed.

  2. like the way the shadows on the snow in the foreground lead the eye into the church,nice composition.nice frame too,is it one youve made yourself?

  3. No Clive I know a man who can, glad to put you in touch if you wish. Thanks for the comments


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