Thursday, January 14, 2010

First landscape of 2010

After a cold session painting plein air, I was off again this time to East Kent meeting up with my artist friend Matthew Alexander for more of the same. This painting is from a photo taken of the road into Preston Village. There was no time to paint this pretty scene at the time, so I painted it in the comfort of my studio the next day whilst the image of the light was still firmly fixed in my mind.
I particularly like the old cottage centre stage showing a warm fire burning against the bleak winter weather outside.The sun is bursting through the rapidly approaching snow clouds, threatening to lay down a further blanket of snow.
The oil is for sale and presented in a hand made  23ct gilded frame shown below, details can be seen on my web gallery.


I hope that you like the image
best wishes Paul

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  1. fantastically moody painting,well done mate! and all in one day!


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