Saturday, February 20, 2010

New easel ,new painting

For a long long time I have wanted a decent half French easel for my plein air work. I know, I know, for all those who know me I have a myriad of such devices, so why do I possibly need another? Well if you understand anything about me, then you also be aware that I am a sucker for another painting box or pochade.

So my choice was between a Mabef or Jullian easel. The latter turned out to be the wise choice. Now this is not a sales pitch for Jullian, but if any of you are considering a new plein air easel, Pochade, French or otherwise then talk to James from the UK arm of Jullian Easels. Apart from being a great chap and very helpful, he explained so much to me that my decision was in the end very easy. It also arrived the very next day which in itself was outstanding.

Ok sales pitch now over. I wanted to go up to London and catch some of the Seago exhibitions once again before they end. Catherine said that I had to work as well, so I decided that I would paint whilst in London.
Not such a simple choice as I have never painted plein air in London before, which is daunting enough, but with a brand new easel was tantamount to painting suicide. Foolish man that I am and any excuse to see the Seago paintings again I was ready for the challenge.

The rains failed to appear so London beckoned, and I arrived to find almost every conceivable space filled with children of all nationalities on school half term. What planning on my part, never again I swear. I finally found sanctuary upon the foredeck of the Tattershall Castle moored alongside the  Victoria Embankment. The manager kindly allowed me to paint in peace, it also allowed me to indulge in a pint whilst I painted!

I completed two panels, the first was 1 3/4 hours duration at midday. The second was started after I had been along and revisited the Seago paintings. I started it at 4pm and it took about an hour.

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