Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow snow snow

What a lovely day Catherine and I have had today. After walking the dogs, where they had heaps of fun charging up and down in the 8" of snow we had had overnight, we set off with cameras in hand and walked around the village and took some great reference shots which we can turn into paintings back at the studio.
After getting too cold to take any more photos we headed home for a warm lunch. Later we headed out once again for more photography and some painting.  I had seen an old Oak tree in a field near to Saltwood Castle and decided to do a plein air study of it. That is what I proceeded to do, my fingers numbed by the chilling  40 mile per hour winds and drifting snows  two hours later I had finished, having taken many photos in between painting. Catherine had become too cold and  headed back home some 35 minutes earlier. I will post the image tomorrow, as I had no light to take a photo of it today.
Catherine had recorded some of my efforts though during my painting, so here are a couple.


  1. snow, snow snow, as all over Europe, I think.
    The last photo reminds me about the nature where I live - south west side of Norway.

  2. lovely old tree with some great shapes and colours going on.look forward to seeing the finished painting.btw your feet must have been freeezin!


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