Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teaching update

I have a new student coming along to the studio to start with me today. It is always nice to help artists at all levels with their painting skills and assisting them to advance their artwork. 

It reminded me to let you all know about my teaching programme. After a break of 15 years I decided to dedicate a few hours a week to teaching once again after many requests to teach from artists in my area With that in mind available space for one to one sessions and very small groups is becoming very limited. If it is something that you would like to do, even with a friend at your home or my studio, then call me. Full contact details can be found on my website at

Teaching Fees
My fees are per hour with a minimum of two hours per session
one to one sessions are £30 per hour
two to three in a small group £ 22.50 per hour

I am also sorting out details for a larger group on a weekly basis. I will post the information very shortly. location and cost per week. I hope and plan to launch this group in April 2010.

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