Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Barn Owl study

I had a request for another small Barn Owl image so here it is. I do hope that you like it. For a second time I have used the backdrop of one of my favourite birding areas to visit, that is Oare Marshes along the Swale estuary in East Kent. I have portrayed the backdrop with impressionistic strokes and play of the brush. 
The Owl hunts and patrols its territory so deliberately and silently, through and over the sedges and brambles lining the shallow waterways of the marshes at Oare. It may only be a small study but I hope that it conveys so much more about where this beautiful creature lives, and the delicate balance it plays within the ecology of the habitat.


  1. another lovely barnie painting paul! i like your use of colour in the impressionistic background it conveys the habitat beautifully and also reflects the owls plumage

  2. Many thanks Clive, I am glad it worked, the response you give is the one I had hoped for....Paul


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