Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterdays Plein air

I wanted to post this little study yesterday, but unfortunately I got home far too late to take a photo and get on online. So here we are 24 hours later.  I took myself off for a wander around Ashford old market town for inspiration and something worthy of painting.

I do not see myself as a social commentator in paint, though I was getting close to doing that, but finally ended up on platform 2b of Ashford International Railway Station. Grand title for such a small station, yet when I studied the shapes and forms, it drew me in. I found the location somewhat boring to start with, but then it grew upon me and I saw so many things that had escaped my initial glances. An hour or so later and two coffees inside me, resulting in the mandatory visit to the gents, I was finished.

I was somewhat pleased with this little 220 x 160mm study (roughly 6" x 8") Oil on board. The many angles and lines hit the vanishing point at speed. The light was somewhat diffused, I will definitely paint this again and from other angles. Maybe on a rainy day. Now that would give some great lighting effects with interesting reflections.

Anyway, as always you can be my judge, your comments as always are very welcome. I called it  ' The Approaching Train Bound for Charing Cross'. A grand title for such a small painting, not unlike the station itself.

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