Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Plein air

This new plein air panel was created last Saturday. The sun shone at brief moments whilst I chased elusive shadows that crossed the wide pathway ascending towards the church.

Hythe is an ancient town and is one of 5 Cinque Port towns so named during the Napoleonic wars and is steeped in history as with this old path, although now covered with modern materials,  must have been witness to no end of events. It  will have conveyed  the people of Hythe up and down its length for hundreds of years. Indeed,  the old building on the left is testament to Hythe's heritage as it has to be one of the oldest around the town. I need to go and investigate it a little further. I will post my brief findings later.

Back to the painting, I had just received my new JULLIAN palm box, not cheap, but small and beautifully formed you might say. Anyway  I was itching to get out and play? I mean paint with it. Saturday was just the time I needed, so whilst my youngest son played war games with his friends, I set about a little study in Hythe.

I have often found myself at the canal that runs through the heart of the town ( Another Napoleonic legacy). For a long time I have been intrigued with the small streets and walkways in and around the old Church in Hythe. I thought it was about time to study them in paint. This is the first of many I hope to complete in the near future.
"Church Hill, Hythe." 6" x 8" oil on paper.

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