Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Latest Wildlife image

It has been a good while since I last posted anything on here or on Facebook, then you'll find just like a London Double Decker Bus several all come at once. I have been very busy playing catch up since Christmas having had an unusual last quarter to 2010. That said, I have been painting very hard and as a result delayed posting anything on here until there was something worthy to show and say.

This is my latest wildlife image to come out of the studio. An oil on canvas measuring 100cm x 80cm
The title is
'Heed My Warning'

It depicts a black Rhino at the prelude to a charge when any warnings taken lightly would end in a potential charge. In doing this I wanted to add a sense of action and drama by adding the Cattle Egrets. Their disturbance by the Rhino's action evoke that feeling I hope.

The title also has a double meaning relating to the ongoing threat to the Black Rhino's survival in the wild.

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Best wishes as always


  1. Thats a big one Paul ! i can imagine this looks fabulous in reality . I agree th Egrets do add a sense of movement and drama to the piece and i love the colours in this :-)

  2. mate thats a superb image! youv'e really caught the tension in the atmosphere and as sev says i think the scattering egrets only add to the impression of the gathering storm!

  3. Hey guys thanks for the great thoughts... I am grateful

  4. welcome mike, best punch my co-ordinates into that machine of yours or you will never find your way here!! ;-)


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