Saturday, October 10, 2009

Faversham Creek 11th September 2009

I enjoyed doing this two hour painting of Faversham Creek  It is a place that I had been wanting to visit for a while, and on the 11th of September I did just that. It took me a while to find, but when I had got the position I wanted I was not disappointed. It was mid afternoon as I settled on the river bank and set up my paints. I was was looking into a bright descending sun which presented many challenges as the light was constantly changing. The painting was completed between 5pm and 7pm, after which I was cold and suffering a very stiff neck from the wind, but hey, it was an enjoyable painting exercise.
Faversham Creek is a well known home for old sailing craft and in particular the famous Thames Barges. There were few in when I visited as some had moved to Colne for the final Barge match of the season. A good reason to go back on another day, as if I needed a reason. The Creek offers so many painting opportunities to the plein air painter. A destination requiring many visits.
I hope you enjoy this painting which can be found on my website galleries.
Best wishes Paul


  1. Paul, I like this. Nice and light. Looks effortless but I know how hard that is to achieve. Great job! Looks like it could be Maryland!

  2. I didn't know Julia had left you a message. Great to hear from you. We are both fans of this piece. I have always loved Thames Barges, your painting has captured the romance and the beautiful lines of the barges. Glad you like what I have been up to. I even made the effort to send paintings over to the SWLA this year. You really are doing some great work. what's a gsd? you have 3, I have no Idea how many we have


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