Monday, October 12, 2009

Hythe Canal 19th September 2009

On this day I took the opportunty to paint the Royal Military Canal that runs through the centre of Hythe town close to my home. It shows the boating station further up on the left with all its dingies moored in the centre of the Canal. It was a painting that I started at midday and finished in 1 1/2 hours.

The Canal was dug out by hand upon the orders of the Duke of Wellington as a defence against attack from Napoleon Bonaparte . It is many miles long starting in Sandgate passing through Hythe and out into the Romney Marshes to Rye in Sussex. It was a mammouth undertaking and a monument to mans endeavour. It was a compliment to the much famed Martello Tower forts the he also commissioned to be built along the shoreline at this point.

I will post a new image of these large and unique forts shortly as an artist friend and I are planning to paint them very soon.

Best wishes Paul

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  1. nice image paul,i still find it amazing that you can get such good results on the spot so rapidly.i think the area around dymchurch and the marshes is a very beautiful spot and i'm sure ive passed one of the martello towers,are they the large structures which look like upturned flower pots?


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