Friday, October 2, 2009

Recent marine painting

     Lady of the Lea

Well, I have recently started painting marine subjects. I have just fallen in love with turn of the century Thames barges. They used to work up and down the East coast of England right through to the late 1960s I believe.
Now they are the passion of those who have saved and restored them to former glory so that others might enjoy their beautiful lines and shapes
I recently enjoyed the hospitality of a gentleman in Faversham known as Blue and was invited to join him upon his trawler during the Swale Barge match in August. I had a great time, and this painting, an oil on gesso panel 12" x 16" is the first image to come from that experience.
There are now more paintings and they will be posted over the coming days.I hope that you enjoy this painting and  please add any comments below.
Best wishes Paul

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