Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making Ready at the Swale Barge Race 2009

Well I make no apologies for yet another painting of Thames Barges, they are so inspiring my painting right now, but I promise that I will serve up some more wildlife paintings  very soon, in fact as I am writing this I have a new Tiger image on the easel.

The Swale Barge match was a new experience for me, and I had gone to Harty Ferry the night before to document some of the Thames Barges and Smacks as the came down the Swale and dropped anchor in reddiness for the next mornings event. I slept over in the car park in my camper so that I could be up with the first light and get some great reference for later use.

Whilst working the previous evening, I had a chance meeting with a local gentlman fisherman who invited me out on his boat to enjoy the race. I jumped at the chance as you would imagine. I was so glad that I did, despite the later heavy wind and and swells in the estuary. Without his kindness and invitation my reference would have been severely limited, but it was anything but. I was able to capture wonderful colours, light, mood and atmosphere.

This painting 'Making Ready' depicts the first light of the day which was moody, misty and extremely atmospheric. The barges have prepared and loosened their sails for the start of the days activities.

I hope you like the image,

Best wishes Paul.

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